jesus-and-childrenMy question about being attractive doesn’t involve my mirror. After all, I’m past 40, have been married for almost 20 years, and have 3 kids (2 of which are teenagers). Wrinkles, dark circles, and a bit of flab are a fact of life.

I’m thinking more in terms of my personality and outlook on life. My hobbies, habits, and favorite topics of conversation. Am I attractive? Do people want to hang out with me? After spending an hour, would they return … or even recommend me to a friend? (And no, I’m not fishing for compliments!)

Recently, I was around someone whose behavior in a social setting was, frankly, a turn-off. I understand that some people’s natural facial expressions can appear like a frown or pout, but coupled with crossed arms and ignoring most of the conversations swirling around, this person left the distinct impression they didn’t want to be with this group of people.  Then the conversation took a turn toward politics and the loud, argumentative diatribe began. Followed by a brief dip into a desire to shun others because of continuing sin in their lives.

While I agree at many levels with the individual’s beliefs, I was left with a sour taste in my mouth. And it got me thinking. What if this was the only impression someone had of what Christianity was all about? Who would ever embrace the good news of God’s amazing gift of love and redemption … if the lives of the redeemed resembled argumentative grouches?

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While on Earth, Jesus was called a friend of sinners. He loved people right where they were, in the middle of their biggest mistakes. Yes, He pointed the way to the Kingdom and truth, but He delivered His message with grace and love. Who received harsh condemnation from Jesus? The legalistic, judgmental, religious leaders of the day. Not the cheating tax collector or the adulteress caught in her sin. Jesus loved, healed, delivered, taught, encouraged, served, and eventually died for real people. The crowds followed him everywhere because He had something they wanted. And even the children wanted to be near Him!

To those searching for hope, do I offer light or a list of rules? Do I have peace and joy in the middle of trouble or am I filled with anxiety? Do I offer advice and logical arguments out of a desire to help a fellow traveler along the way or primarily to showcase my knowledge and win the debate? Do I build relationships around common interests (like our kids’ activities) or do I see those who disagree on the issues as enemies?

When others see my life, are they drawn to God’s love or turned off by a list of religious rules? Am I attractive?

What about you? What attracts you to (or turns you off about) Christianity? Why? Is your life attractive or a turn-off? What could you change?

Am I Attractive?
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2 thoughts on “Am I Attractive?

  • March 15, 2012 at 3:44 pm

    A Resounding YES! YOU, my dear daughter, are most definately attractive!

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