What if you were a rich Northerner living in the South near the end of the Civil War? Knowing that the Union army is about to claim victory, what should you do with the stacks of Confederate cash under your mattress?

Easy. Convert the bulk of your fortune to Union money because it is backed by a reliable authority and will retain it’s value. Keep only enough Confederate bills for short term needs.

Such financial wisdom still applies today.

We are foreigners living in a strange land and someday, life as we know it will end. And we can’t take our money with us when we die. But the good news is that we can send it on ahead by converting it to a treasure that will never lose its value.

Jesus warned us not to store our treasures on earth where they can wear out, rust, or be stolen. Instead, He told us to store our treasure in heaven. (Matthew 6:19-20)

How? Invest in God’s Kingdom work. Love people. Feed the poor and comfort the widow. Preach the good news. Encourage others in their faith. Use our talents for His glory. For where our treasure is, our heart follows.

So, I’ve been taking a closer look at where I’m investing my life and where my treasure is stored.

What about you? Where is the bulk of your treasure stored? How much is enough for your “short-term” needs?

Storing Treasure
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