Imagine a crowd gathering to see the spectacle. To seek answers to their questions. To confirm if what they’ve heard about that man from the wrong side of the tracks is true or not. To perhaps even weave through the crowd to the front of the line in hopes their lives would be changed forever.

And in the middle of the teeming multitude sat a boy with food.

Not that a boy with food is that strange of a sight. Especially if he’s a growing boy with an insatiable appetite. But this boy was unique. When the keynote speaker’s entourage discovered a logistical problem (no concessions stand), this particular boy offered his lunch. And the rest is history. (Did you recognize the story? It’s the feeding of the 5000. Where Jesus took five loaves and two fish and miraculously multiplied them to feed a crowd of 5000 men plus women and children … with enough leftovers to fill 12 baskets.)

Was he the only one in the crowd with food? Probably not, but he’s the only one mentioned. Was it his lunch or that of his entire family? (The Bible doesn’t say how old he was, but if he was as young as Sunday School lesson pictures depict, then I imagine his family wasn’t too far away.) Did others try to talk him out of his extravagant gift? Did he give expecting anything in return? Maybe or maybe not.

We do know that this boy gave what he had. And with his gift in the powerful hands of the Master, the needs of many people were met. Including himself, because he still left that day with a full stomach … and the amazing experience of being part of a miracle.

When it comes to changing the world, I have a hunch that Jesus might want your lunch.

What about you? What do you have at hand that can be used for the Kingdom? Do you tend to focus on how small your gift is or how great God is?

He Wants Your Lunch
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