Spring came a bit early to Colorado this year, but I’m not complaining. I love the warmer temperatures that aren’t too hot. The emerging green color of the lawn that doesn’t need mowing yet. The blooming bulbs in various shades of the rainbow.

And I especially love the rows of flowering trees as I turn into our neighborhood. Clusters of pink or white flowers cover the branches with a beautiful blanket. Not to mention filling the air with a sweet fragrance.

It’s enough to make me pull over to the curb and roll down the window, just to savor the moment in all it’s glory. And isn’t that what hundreds of people do in Washington DC during the National Cherry Blossom Festival? They gather to celebrate the arrival of Spring.

It makes me wonder. If I am like a tree in 2012, what are the signs in my life that the cold winter is over and new growth is emerging? Have I dusted off dreams that have been dormant? Do I have more energy? Fresh ideas stirring? Do I feel hope for the future? Can I sense the warmth of God’s love shining on my life?

And to build on a post from a few weeks back (Am I Attractive?), does my life give off an appealing fragrance and attract others? Do they stop and linger near me? And am I attracting the bees to help turn my flowers into fruit? (We’ll get to that tree topic later this year!)

If Spring is here, am I flowering?

What about you? What season of life are you in? Are there signs of Spring? Do you attract others?

Like A Tree – Flowering
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One thought on “Like A Tree – Flowering

  • April 10, 2012 at 6:39 pm

    Hi Candee –

    I LOVE the flowering trees. They’re my favorite part of spring. Right now, the dogwoods are blooming, as well as the very deep pink trees (sorry I don’t know the name).


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