Now that the trees are flowering and spring bulbs blooming, many people start thinking about this summer’s vegetable garden. What to plant and how much. And whether to buy baby plants in mid-May or start their own seedlings inside.

We gather the raw materials. We fill seedling pots or trays with the right kind of soil. We tear open packets of seeds and carefully plant a few in each individual spot. We arrange the pots under grow lights or on tables near sunny windows. We gently sprinkle or spray them with enough water to keep the soil moist but not saturated.

And then we wait. Because even though we’ve done all the right things with the best intentions, only God can make the seeds sprout and grow.

In our continuing series on being like a tree in 2012, consider how many seeds for trees are scattered each year by the wind, birds, squirrels, or gravity. Berries and nuts. Cottonwood fluff. Maple “whirlybirds.” Pine cones. A single tree can release hundreds or even thousands of seeds.

So why aren’t we overrun with new trees? Because not every seed lands in good soil, with access to enough light and water. And not every seed sprouts. Only God can make a tree grow.

The same can be said of my life. Every day I scatter seeds. I plant some (like my writing) and baby them along, watchng carefully to see if they will grow into something worth publishing. Others, like nuggets of wisdom and faith, I toss over the lives of my children and hope at least some take root. I give them light, water, and good soil. I weed and prune and protect. And pray at least some seeds will grow into mighty fruit-bearing and shade-giving trees.

I do my part. Then I sit back and wait while God does His part, in His timing.

(By the way, if you love gardening or know a gardener, I have a collection of Devotions From the Garden available now in both print and electronic formats.)

What about you? What seeds are you planting? What things are beyond your control? Do you see growth as a partnership with God?

Like A Tree – My Part, His Part
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