Why would anyone choose to live in bondage? To be weighed down by chains and serve a harsh taskmaster?

No one in their right mind would choose slavery. But that’s exactly what we do when we hang onto bitterness and refuse to forgive those who have wronged us (or even forgive ourselves for our poor decisions). We become emotionally crippled and dwell in a prison of our own making. Freedom lies on the other side of the door and the keys dangle from the lock, but we refuse to touch them.

I have a love/hate relationship with books that illustrate truth. Love the story. Hate the squirming when convicted. Anyone else know what I mean?

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Such is the case in Yashua’s Bridge by Sandi Rog. Set during the persecution of the early Church by the Roman Empire, one character comes face to face with the one person he holds responsible for the death of his parents. Although this former soldier has repented and is now a Christian, David’s hate boils up. His refusal to forgive drives a wedge between family members and discredits his testimony of faith. In fact, exploding rage distracts him enough that he is unable to rescue his own young daughter from drowning. (Don’t worry. Someone else was there.)

Then David and his wife are betrayed and arrested. His wife dies in the Arena and David is forced into slavery as a gladiator. Daily he wrestles with God’s commandment not to murder versus his natural instincts to defend himself. As months go by and the body count rises, he is stuck in a cell of self-loathing.

Eventually, he realizes that his own sins surpass those of the former soldier he refused to forgive. In abject wretchedness, he finally turns the key of forgiveness. Forgiving those who harmed him. Accepting the forgiveness of the One who died to pay for his crimes. And finding true freedom in the process.

Author Sandi Rog doesn’t stop there. She parallels David’s story with that of Zander. Born into slavery, his master/father is also the one responsible for his mother’s death. Zander is sent across the ocean and given his physical freedom and birthright. He also comes the point where he can forgive his father. Because he recognizes that his mother’s murderer is trapped in a self-inflicted prison of guilt and needs to know that Someone loves him.

How many of us choose self-inflicted slavery over the freedom of forgiveness? Isn’t it time to turn the key?

What about you? Have you ever been imprisoned by bitterness? How did you break free? Has God ever used a book to teach you a lesson?

Self-Inflicted Slavery
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