One thing I remember about my college days is the hopeful trip to the campus post office. Most days my tiny box held junk mail (at least someone out there knew I existed!) and an occasional bill or bank statement. But I always thumbed through the envelopes searching for the “golden ticket” that meant I had a package to pick up at the window.

A care package that might contain wonderful (and useful) surprises from home. Something I’d left behind on my last visit. A book. Quarters for the washing machine. Fabric softener sheets. Lip balm. Granola bars. Candy. Vitamins. (Honestly, I can’t remember the exact contents. Just that their arrival meant so much.)

Take that warm-fuzzy feeling of being remembered while far from home and multiply it times ten or more. That’s what our troops stationed overseas feel when they get a package.

But not every soldier has family willing or able to provide this precious mail. That’s where a national non-profit organization like Soldiers’ Angels steps in to offer that loving hand from home. Here’s a sampling of what they do:

  • Adopt individual soldiers.
  • Write letters.
  • Bake homemade goodies.
  • Send care packages.
  • Provide first response backpacks for wounded.
  • Provide phone cards so soldiers can call home.
  • Send birthday cards.
  • Sponsor baby showers.
  • Send gourmet birthday cakes.
  • Handmade canes for the wounded.
  • Care for stateside families.
  • Handmade pillowcases for hospitalized warriors.
  • Scarves for dust or heat protection.
  • Blankets for deployed, veterans, and wounded.
  • Send holiday decorations overseas.

How can you get involved?

Check out the Soldiers’ Angels organization for ways to donate your time, money, or collect/send needed items. Many local churches do something similar for soldiers (and families) from their congregations. Maybe volunteer to send one package every other month and get a few friends to fill in the gaps. Organize a collection and packing party.

Can you imagine the joy of a soldier receiving such precious mail? Now, that’s being like a tree and reaching out to comfort others!

What about you? Do you know a soldier or veteran or their family? Have you considered sending a letter or care package? What other ideas would you suggest?

Sending Precious Mail
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