What’s a peach tree without peaches? A disappointment.

Trees don’t simply grow for growth’s sake. They also produce seeds that are capable of developing into new trees so that the legacy of the tree can live on. Seeds often develop with transportation, protection, and/or nourishment in mind. Maple create “whirlybirds” and cottonwoods create puffs of fluff that are carried along on the wind. Some like walnuts or oaks create a hard shell around the seeds. And fruit trees wrap their seeds in a nutrition packed (and delicious) piece of fruit that will either drop to the ground and fertilize the soil as it rots … or be eaten by an animal and carried away to different areas where it is eventually deposited with another type of fertilizer.

Point being, a fruit tree without fruit has no way to spread its impact and leave a lasting legacy or give others a taste of deliciousness. Yet growing fruit isn’t as simple as it might seem. Healthy, disease-free, pest-free trees that have enough water and light should develop flowers in the spring. Then those flowers must be pollinated or interact with other trees. The flowers then begin to mature and develop into a seed surrounded by fruit. Assuming an early frost or hail storm or bug infestation or flock of hungry birds doesn’t disrupt the process, then mature fruit may actually survive to be harvested and enjoyed!

We’ve spent several weeks looking at growth (and the pests, diseases, and other factors that can keep us from growing!). BBEW is your pest control expert! But the next step beyond growing is producing fruit. Am I blooming? Am I attracting and interacting with others? Am I shielded from outside attacks on my faith? Am I getting a steady intake of water, nutrients, air, and sunshine or am I thirsty?

In keeping with the theme this year of being like a tree in 2012, we’ll focus on the topic of fruit for the next several months.

What fruit is developing in my life? Because a fruit tree without fruit doesn’t do anyone much good.

What about you? What’s your favorite kind of fruit? What hinders it from developing? Is fruit growing in your life?

Like A Tree – Bearing Fruit
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