A seemingly healthy tree withers, drops leaves, and dies. Why? Because of a disease that sapped its strength.

Leaves can be affected by mildews, molds, and varieties of fungus. Some cause spots while others cause leaves to suddenly drop off. (And without leaves, trees can’t do photosynthesis for sustaining nutrition and growth!) Fungus can also infect the truck and cause cankers. If the bark is damaged or cankers go deep enough, infections can lead to internal decay known as heart rot. Fungus is also the culprit in certain root diseases and without roots, the tree lacks stability and the ability to gather nutrients from the soil.

Speaking of nutrients, poor soil can lead to iron chlorosis which reduces the amount of chlorophyll in leaves (and therefore interferes with photosynthesis). The health of trees is also affected by excessive sun, wind, frost, drought, and pollution in the air or chemical runoff.

Bottom line? It’s a delicate balance in the life of a tree to maintain health and fight off disease-causing fungus. The healthier the tree, the more likely it is to survive the stress of an unpredictable environment. But if weakened by poor soil or injury …

The same is true in my life. As if I don’t have enough to worry about with my naturally selfish inclinations, I am bombarded daily with pressures and lies and temptations. When I am emotionally or physically weak, I am less successful in warding off the invaders. And if they gain a foothold, they can consume my thoughts and lead to “heart rot.” I may even appear okay on the outside, while inside there’s an empty core. And if I’m hollow, I may break in the storms of life.

But, like a tree, if I work to stay spiritually healthy with a balanced diet of truth, I can overcome the stress of a busy schedule and still deflect the negative messages from my environment. And if I recognize the symptoms, I can deal with any disease that got a foothold.

It’s a daily battle, but a disease-free life is worth the struggle.

What about you? What are the sources of “fungus” in your life that interfere with your growth, strength, or stability? Are you a healthy tree or susceptible to disease? Why?

Like A Tree – Diseases
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