Stretch your arms up high over your head. Now out to the sides as if you could put your hands on the opposite walls. Twist your upper back a bit. Doesn’t that feel good to move out of your comfort zone for a moment?

We’ve spent the last several weeks talking about how to reach out to kids, seniors, the military, our neighbors, specific groups, and now we’re going further out of our comfort zones.

Do you know anyone who was born in another country? Have you ever been outside the United States? If all tribes and nations will be represented around the throne in heaven, wouldn’t you want to meet a few of them now? Or even help make sure they get there?

Here are four main ways to reach the world with the love of God.

  • Go. Sign up for a short-term missions trip with your church (or through another church in your community). Teen Mania offers many short trips for teenagers and parents. Volunteer with Project C.U.R.E. to sort and pack medical supplies locally or travel internationally to help with free medical clinics. Volunteer with Mercy Ships to serve on a floating hospital. Teach English in China or another Asian country through ELIC.
  • Give. Support specific missionaries or organizations financially. Sponsor a child through World Vision or Compassion International. Send a team to show the Jesus Film in hard to reach areas. Support a team of translators through Wycliffe Bible Translators.
  • Support. Not just financially, but support emotionally. Pray for specific countries. Write letters (or email) to missionaries or find an international pen pal. Follow and comment on blogs.
  • Host. Foreign exchange students need homes. International college students often have campus clubs that welcome local interactions. Or even volunteer to be a language partner with a college English program to help foreign students adapt.

Reach the world one person at a time. And find yourself stretched in the process.

What about you? Have you traveled outside the United States? Was it for business, pleasure, or on a missions trip? Were you outside your comfort zone? Did you return changed?

Reaching the World
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