A young boy with spina bifida dreamed of starting a basketball league for others in wheelchairs. He worked hard to raise $250 … and then the money was stolen. Devastating, right? Yet, as the news and outrage spread, money came flowing in. To the tune of $25,000. What started out as a bad thing, turned into something very good.

I’m reminded of a story my mother used to tell me:

Once upon a time (because all good stories start this way), a farmer had a beautiful mare. One day, the mare ran away. All his neighbors lamented his loss, but the farmer just said, “Good? Bad? Time will tell.”

Awhile later, the mare returned home with a powerful stallion trailing behind. The farmer’s neighbors celebrated his good fortune, but the farmer just said, “Good? Bad? Time will tell.”

One day, while trying to break the wild stallion, the farmer’s son was thrown to the ground and broke his leg. The neighbors wailed about the tragedy, but the farmer just said, “Good? Bad? Time will tell.”

Not too long afterward, a brutal war broke out and all the able-bodied young men were shipped off to battle. All except for the farmer’s son with the broken leg.

Good? Bad? Time will tell. After all, the story isn’t over yet and setbacks may just be a setup for a comeback.

What about you? Do you allow bad news to defeat you or keepĀ believing that things may turn around? Has something “bad” ever turned out to be something “good” in your life?

Time Will Tell
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