What are you doing this summer? Well, you’ll find me either behind the steering wheel driving the kids to and from a gazillion activities or parked in a lawn chair watching a baseball game. (Between two boys, we’ve got over 30 games ahead!)

With a lot of waiting time in store, I’m going to seriously shrink my “To Be Read” pile. A stack of magazines. Writing craft books. Inspirational novels. And the stack of books to help me grow deeper. That’s the pile I really need to focus on (although I’ll probably sneak in a few others along the way for the entertainment value).

The first book on my list is Money, Possessions and Eternity by Randy C. Alcorn.

I picked this title because I figured I could use a few reminders about handling money and getting out of debt from a biblical perspective. After all, who doesn’t want to get their finances in order?

So far it’s been less about “how to’s” and more eye-opening about what’s really important. No skimming these pages. Rather, I’ve found I can only get a few paragraphs at a time before I’m stopping to think and evaluate my attitudes toward money.

For example, what is your dream house like? Can you picture it? Now, are you working to get it here on earth (temporary) or sending your money ahead where Jesus promised to prepare a place for us? Where would you rather have your dream house?

With this book on the top of the pile, it might be awhile until I can get to the next one. But stop back on Wednesdays this summer to find out what’s next on my summer reading plan.

What about you? What books are on the top of your “To Be Read” pile? Do you read more for entertainment or for personal growth? Would you tackle a book on money?

Summer Reading – The Dream House
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