No, this blog’s title is not a typo.

I know that in the United States today we’re celebrating Independence Day. The day we declared ourselves free from English rules and stood on our own two feet as a country. The transition certainly wasn’t easy since it resulted in the Revolutionary War followed by intense debates as leaders argued over ideology while drafting our Constitution. But they believed the end result was worth the cost of the struggle.

There are other times and reasons to celebrate independence. Like when teens graduate and head off to college. When young adults marry and start families of their own. When we overcome those hurts and habits that have kept us in bondage.

But, today I’m focusing on my dependence.

I don’t do life very well without the forgiveness, protection, healing, and provision of God Almighty. I desperately need His wisdom … and His mercy. I’m thankful for His blessings and aware that my next breath is a gift. Words cannot adequately express the depths of His love for me.

So, while today’s agenda includes grilling out and watching a fireworks display, I’m taking time to remember the One who holds my future in His very capable hands. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Dependence Day!

Happy Dependence Day
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