When the kids are bored, parents like to send them outside. But to do what? At this point in the summer, they’ve already exhausted a long list of activities.

Today’s summer fun idea is to build and fly a kite.

Depending on if you start from scratch or buy a kit at a local hobby shop, the building process could occupy several hours. I found a website with instructions for making 27 different types of kites from diamonds up to box kites with single or multiple lines. It even includes tips on flying your creation and videos.

Aside from basic kite construction, you can paint or decorate the kite itself as well as add colorful ribbons on the tail. Let your creativity romp. Maybe even try a couple different designs to see which flies best. Or hold a contest with prizes for the longest and shortest flights or most colorful designs.

Once the kites are ready, you just need to wait for a breezy day to step outside and watch the colors dance in the sky.

What about you? Did you ever try to fly a kite? What did it look like? Did it soar or crash?

Summer Fun – Fly a Kite
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