It’s hot outside and the kids are complaining that there’s nothing to do. Cries of “I’m bored” echo through the house. What can a parent do?

This week’s summer fun idea should help tap into your child’s creativity and occupy several hours. Not to mention create a few lasting memories (and laughs)!

Create and produce a talent or variety show. Have the kids brainstorm ideas for different acts. Write and rehearse skits. Practice songs and magic tricks. Create costumes, props, and sets. Appoint an emcee. Create flyers to invite friends and family. If their friends get involved in the acts, let the show grow into a neighborhood potluck followed by the entertainment.

As an added bonus, have someone video the production. Then show it at the cast after-party. (And even later when your son brings home his first girlfriend!)

What about you? What untapped talents hide within the walls of your home? Would you dare to participate?

Summer Fun – Talent Show
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