Ever heard the phrase “once in a blue moon?” Well, I recently learned that on August 31, 2012 we’ll have one.

Being the curious sort, I did a little research. For one thing, the term “blue” has nothing to do with a color. Most years have 12 full moons that come along about once a month. But the solar calendar has about 11 more days than the lunar calendar, so every two or three years the days add up to an extra moon that year.

Historically, calendar makers named the full moons relative to the seasonal equinoxes such as the Lenten Moon (always the last moon of winter) or the Moon Before Yule. But if they ended up with four full moons within a season, the third (or extra) one was called the Blue Moon. (Otherwise the rest of the names got off track and would come too early!)

Somewhere along the line, there was a misunderstanding and an “expert” stated that if there happened to be two full moons within a calendar month, then the second one was called the Blue Moon. And that’s the definition that stuck.

All that to say that I’m going to enjoy watching a football game under the light of a full moon next Friday night. It’s going to be beautiful!

But the moon itself doesn’t glow. In fact, it’s just a hunk of scarred rock. The moon merely reflects the light of sun. And depending on where the moon is positioned in space, observers on Earth will see anything from a tiny sliver of light up to a full reflection bright enough for them to see their way in the dark without a flashlight.

I am like the moon. Nothing special about me. I’m just a hunk of scarred humanity full of failures. Yet, when I bask in the love of Jesus, God’s Son, I can reflect His glory to those around me. His love bounces off me and impacts others.

I know this year’s theme is to be like a tree, but for today, I’m going to be a moon.

What about you? Are you reflecting God’s glory? Can others see a lot or only a tiny sliver of light? How can you change your position to let the light shine brighter?

Be a Moon
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