While out to eat a few weeks ago, a manager asked if the kids wanted balloons. Of course they said, “YES!” To which she replied, “I have two balloons with your names on them.”

After she left, my eight-year-old turned to me with confusion on his face. “How does she know our names?” I tried not to laugh as I explained about figures of speech to a literal-thinking child.

But it got me thinking about those who do know my name and what kind of things they’d put my name on. If they knew me at all, they’d know what would make me smile. What type of books I like to read. What music I like to listen to. What foods to serve or avoid. What size and style of clothes I prefer. What my dream vacation would include.

Yet there is Someone else who knows me even better and He cares about more than my superficial preferences. God knows both my name and my heart. He knows what I need before I ask (even when I can’t fully put it into words!).

So, when God blesses me in unexpected ways, He sends exactly what I really need. When I need a word of encouragement to get through another rejected manuscript, someone calls. When I need a few extra hours in a packed schedule, something gets cancelled. When several extra bills come due at the same time, the broken dryer or television find new life and ease the pressure.

God adds the personal touch to answered prayer because He knows my name.

What about you? Have you ever received the answer to an unspoken prayer? Was it coincidence or something else? What blessings have arrived as if custom-made for you?

He Knows My Name
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