The countdown is on because my boys go back to school one week from today. (Can you hear my semi-restrained cheers?)

With the looming start date, we’ve been busy gathering school supplies, cleaning out backpacks, sorting through cluttered dressers, and stocking the pantry with lunch items. Not to mention gradually adjusting bedtimes and wake-up calls back toward school mode.

Since my oldest son is headed into his freshman year of high school, this year will bring a greater emphasis on his grades (because they now count toward getting into college and potential scholarships) and sports. It’s time for him to think about where he wants to be four years from now, make a plan to get there, and establish new study routines.

It’s also a good time for me to refocus on my own goals. What writing projects do I want to finish over the months ahead? Any diet and exercise goals? Speaking opportunities? Debt pay-down or savings goals?

If I broke these down into smaller steps, what do I need to do each week? Do I need to adjust my daily routines to balance work, family, writing, ministry, and exercise?

What practical things can I do now to help reach my goals? Should I take advantage of back-to-school sales and stock up on home office supplies? Should I take a day now to cook and freeze easy meals for busy days ahead? While I still have the kids around to help, should we sort through all the cabinets, drawers, and closets to declutter and deep clean so it doesn’t bug me later? (Hmm, wouldn’t that fresh start kinda feel like opening a new box of crayons?)

There’s a sense of anticipation in the air. I’m hoping to use it to get off to a good start on my goals-list this fall.

What about you? What’s new in your life? What goals do you have for the remainder of the year? What are you doing to reach those goals?

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