Long before there was a tree, there was a seed.

Full of potential (like the oak inside the acorn), the seed waited for the right environmental conditions to break through the protective coating and germinate. Then, the tiny seedling took root and grew like we’ve been talking about all year.

But before there was a seed to sprout, there was another tree. A tree that scattered seeds.

Some types of seed flew on the wind to far off locations while others fell to the ground nearby. Some took root immediately while other lay dormant for several seasons until the conditions were right. And some never sprouted at all. Yet, year after year, the tree faithfully produced and scattered seeds.

If we are to be like a tree in 2012, we must take a closer look at seeds.

Seeds of ideas. Beliefs. Convictions. Somewhere in your past are the seed-producers that influenced who you are today. Some seeds came across the television airwaves while others fell from your mother’s lips. Some were ignored completely while others lay dormant until the situation was dire and those words of wisdom came flooding back to remembrance. Some piled up until there were enough to tip the scales of decision.

While I am a product of the seeds planted in my life, I am also a seed-scatterer. The real question is what type of seeds I’m distributing. Will my actions and words encourage others to grow stronger or weaken their moral fiber? Do I share my personal convictions or hide them from co-workers and friends? Do I coat the seeds of truth with attractive fruit or are they considered an allergic nuisance (thinking about cottonwood right now)?

Next week we’ll take a closer look at what it takes for a seed to sprout, but remember there can be no sprouting unless there is first a seed.

What about you? Why don’t all seeds sprout? Who planted the seeds in your life? What kinds of seeds are you scattering?

Like A Tree – Scattering Seed
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