Do you hate to wait? Do you ever complain about the weather? Do you try to avoid abrasive people and situations?

Me too. Yet in my year-long quest to be like a tree in 2012, I’ve discovered something interesting. For life to grow from a tree seed, it needs all of the above.

Nature uses something called dormancy to increase the odds that a seed will sprout in the right season for growth (like early summer instead of fall). That means the seed needs to wait through at least one season of cold and wet weather before it will germinate.

Other types of seeds have thick protective coats that need to be broken down. It might take a squirrel’s teeth or a tumble over a rocky path to create nicks. Those rough spots and cracks become places where the seed can begin to soak up moisture and eventually provide spots for the growing seed to break through the shell. But this process takes time – even multiple warm and cold seasons before the shell is soft enough and the seed is ready.

And what about forest fires? Did you know there are many varieties of pine trees that only open up and release their seeds from cones after being heated in a fire?

So, here’s food for thought. The very things I want to avoid are getting me ready to sprout new growth when the time is right. When I’m under fire, it’s the perfect time for seeds of truth to be released. And those tough nuts I think are hopeless … well life has a way of getting under their skin.

What about you? Have you experienced growth after seasons of waiting? Did tough times break through a shell and soften your heart? Does that give you hope for others in your life?

Like A Tree – Sprouting
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One thought on “Like A Tree – Sprouting

  • September 10, 2012 at 1:29 pm

    Several years ago I lost my job, and I experienced tremendous spiritual growth as a result. The job I had lost had kept me so busy that wasn’t able to hear the Lord calling me. My heart wasn’t hard. I still desired to be close to him, but my preoccupation with work kept me from realizing how much I needed to be watered by the word of the Lord.

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