How many times do I stare at a menu weighing cravings, calories, and cost? Picking something to eat should be an easy decision to make, yet there are times I struggle, place my order, then wish I’d picked something else. It doesn’t help matters when my special-needs daughter keeps changing her mind, too!

This week’s character trait is decisiveness. Or the ability to recognize key factors and finalize difficult decisions. It’s the willingness to make a decision, even in the face of complexity or uncertainty. It’s the opposite of procrastination where I postpone the choice just because it’s hard to decide.

What kinds of decisions do I wrestle with? What to fix for supper (taking into account that I need to pick up one son from football practice right in the middle of preparations). What writing project should I be working on? Which company should I hire to fix the garage door? And lately, when can I get away from football-season-single-parenthood to visit my grandmother who was just diagnosed with terminal cancer?

Some decisions are more critical than others. We can always have leftovers, nachos, or PBJ sandwiches. But time is running out to see my last living grandparent this side of heaven. Yet, the more important the decision, the more factors weigh into making it.

Decisiveness is taking into account all of the options, prioritizing them, making a choice, and sticking with it. So, I’m making a list of options and doing my research.

It’s time to make a decision.

What about you? What decisions do you need to make? Do you find it easy or hard to decide? Do you ever second-guess yourself?

Character Matters – Decisiveness
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