If you had to say what you love most about God, what quality would you pick? His love? That He sent His Son? Sovereignty? Holiness? His balance of justice and mercy? That He listens when we pray? That He heals?

The list of possible answers goes on and on. As Matt Redman wrote in a recent song, there are “10,000 Reasons” for my heart to discover about why I should praise God!

A few weeks ago, I heard a five-year-old boy and his dad being interviewed on a Christian radio station about something. As the interview concluded, one DJ asked the boy what he loved most about God. The boy immediately said, “That He’s coming.”

What does that simple proclamation imply? That God hasn’t abandoned His plan for the world and keeps His promises – demonstrating His wisdom and faithfulness. That there will be an end to earthly suffering and tears – demonstrating His amazing love. That He will destroy evil and administer justice by rewarding the faithful and punishing the wicked – demonstrating His sovereignty and power. That He’s carefully watching over us and waiting for the moment when the gospel has been preached to all the ends of the earth and the cup of His wrath toward the wicked is full.

The fact that He’s coming reminds me that this life is only a fraction of a heartbeat when compared to eternity in His presence. And that gives me the hope to carry on through another difficult day.

What’s my favorite thing about God? He’s with me every day … and He’s coming.

What about you? What’s your favorite thing about God? Why?

My Favorite Thing
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