There are times I appreciate God’s sense of humor. After all, who else would let “You Asked For It” be king?

I’m currently involved in a Beth Moore Bible Study on the life of David. Part of our lessons included background into how the Children of Israel asked the prophet Samuel for a king just like all the other nations had. God warned the people that having a king would result in things like a military draft and taxes. God said they’d even cry out for relief from the king they had chosen! (1 Samuel 8:18)

But the people insisted they wanted a king. So God directed Samuel to anoint Saul as their king. Do you know what Saul’s name means? Asked for. The people asked for a king and God gave them King “Asked For.” (And when they regretted their decision to get a king, all they had to do was say his name and remember they’d gotten what they’d asked for!) 

As a child, how many times did I beg for my parents to give me something I wanted (recalling a dog-earred Sears Wish Book and an advertisement for amazing Sea Monkeys on a magazine)? And how many times did I get it … only to discover that what I’d asked for was not all I’d dreamed it would be. That I’d come to dread the very sight of the “You asked for it” that broke or disappointed.

There is a big difference between getting what I want and getting what I need. A huge difference between presenting my wish-list to God and letting Someone who truly knows me choose something better. Am I asking for my selfish desires or am I asking for God to do His will in my life?

Because sometimes God gives us exactly what we’ve asked for. Just ask the Children of Israel about King Saul.

What about you? Have you ever gotten what you asked for and wished you hadn’t asked? What should we ask for instead?

You Asked For It
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