Even with the best of intentions, there is a right way to do certain things.

I’m not talking about loading the dishwasher with fork tines up or down. Or changing the toilet paper so it unrolls from the top or from the bottom. Not even talking about adding soap the washing machine before the clothes or after. While there are valid arguments for doing it my preferred way (ahem), I think we’d all agree there are issues in life that matter a whole lot more. 

For example, back in the Old Testament, there came a time when newly-crowned King David wanted to do the right thing and bring the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem. How do you move a big gold box? On our equivalent of a pickup truck – an oxen-pulled cart, right?

Wrong. That’s the way the heathen Philistines had moved it earlier. Not to mention that when they hit a bump in the road, a man nearby felt free to reach out and touch the ark. (His last move before dropping dead.) The plan to finish the journey was scrapped out of fear and the ark stayed at Obed-Edom’s house for three months.

When word of God’s blessing on Obed-Edom’s household reached King David, he decided to try again. But this time, David followed God’s original specific instructions and had the ark carried using poles inserted through the gold rings already attached to the ark itself. Success!

God’s way doesn’t follow the world’s pattern. In life, I need to know the right way to handle certain situations because doing it wrong can have long-lasting consequences.

What do I do when a co-worker or neighbor takes a dig at my political or religious beliefs? When someone overrides a decision I made … and then I take the heat for the mess? When unexpected bills pile up and my pen hesitates a moment before writing the tithe check? When my husband hurts my feelings and I want to snap back or give him the silent treatment?

It’s not easy, but there is a right way. If only I’m brave enough to do it.

What about you? How do you handle difficult situations? Is the right way easy to discern? And should fork tines go up or down in the dishwasher?

The Right Way