With just a few days left in 2012, there’s not much time to polish off my list of New Year’s resolutions. At least I left a lot of wiggle room in this year’s list. (Hmm. Must consider that same approach headed into next year!)

My goals for 2012 (explored here) were to fill up, rest up, catch up, and pour out. How did I do?

1) Fill up. I spent a lot of time in the Word and in Bible Studies. My to-be-read pile dwindled significantly. And I found times of peace and quiet away from the chaos of three kids in order to recharge my internal batteries.

2) Rest up. After a lot of health issues in 2011, I regained my strength. Regular exercise and a better diet contributed toward losing almost 20 pounds. (Didn’t set that as a goal, but I’m certainly not complaining!)

3) Catch up. Didn’t do quite as well in this area but I’m the first to admit that a busy schedule and three kids just kept replacing any clutter I cleared. As long as I have children at home, I fear I will never get caught up! However, I’ve done more baking and am generally up-to-date with my photo albums.

4) Pour out. For the first time since I started blogging, I managed to post three times a week for the entire year. I led Bible studies in the spring and fall in addition to speaking at a national CdLS Conference in June. One unexpected outlet came through the Missions department at our church when I started writing many of their blog posts (see www.LoveReaches.wordpress.com) and I’ve truly enjoyed telling the stories of what God is doing in our community and throughout the world. In addition, I revised and re-published my first book – Pigskin Parables: Exploring Faith and Football, put two devotional ebooks into print, and continued to critique novels for a writing friend.

Presently, I’m working on my own novel revisions and collecting past blog posts toward creating another ebook. Kinda hitting the ground running for 2013.

Speaking of which, here’s what I’m focusing on in 2013:

  1. Family relationships – With two teenagers in the house, solid communication skills have jumped in importance. Not to mention the toll on my marriage.
  2. Healthy lifestyle – Continue my progress from 2012 and help my daughter establish good habits.
  3. Debt reduction and a balanced budget – This past year was expensive with replacing both the central air conditioning and the furnace, a broken tooth, a smashed rear-view mirror on the car, a faulty heater in our van, unexpected trips when Grandma died, etc. In the new year, we’ll need to pay for a teen driver to get his permit, likely replace the van, pay down our debt, and save toward the future.
  4. Writing goals – Blogging (here and with the Storytellers ministry). Put 2 finished novels back into query circulation and write a new novel. Publish another blog collection. Further develop my writing craft. Research and explore future book ideas.

There’s plenty there to keep me busy. But, as I heard recently, dreams without goals are just wishes.

What about you? What are the highlights of your 2012? What are your goals going forward?

Goals: Past, Present, and Future