Israel, Sea of Galilee (Lake of Tiberias)
Israel, Sea of Galilee (Lake of Tiberias) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes the international headlines seem like deja vu all over again. (Or as a column by Cal Thomas last week described, a Middle Eastern version of the movie “Groundhog Day.”)

Terrorists, hiding among civilian settlements, fire rockets into Israel. After a period of remarkable restraint, Israel eventually retaliates to eliminate the threat. The media uses pictures of any resulting civilian casualties to turn world opinions and pressure Israel into making concessions to gain a temporary peace. The cease-fire lasts just long enough for the terrorists to establish new headquarters and re-arm.

Almost 20 years ago, I had the privilege to travel to Israel with a faith-based performance group. We toured the Holy Land by day and encouraged soldiers and civilians by night. One day, while crossing the Sea of Galilee, our tour boat stopped in the middle of the water and turned off the engines to give us a taste of what it might have been like in Jesus’ day. Our leader handed me a slip of paper with a few Bible references on it and asked me to deliver an imprompu devotional. As I turned to the first passage about Jesus calming the storm, we heard the sound of distant thunder … under clear blue skies.

But it wasn’t thunder at all. It was the sound of rockets being fired from Lebanon and exploding not far from our next day’s destination.

I cleared my throat and read aloud the familiar story about a boatload of frightened disciples facing a violent storm and calling on Jesus to do something about it. With a simple “Peace, be still,” Jesus calmed the storm and they were all amazed at His authority. The next story was about Jesus telling a group of fishermen, after a fruitless night of fishing, to let down their nets one more time … so they could catch more fish than their boat would hold. The third told of another storm and Jesus walking on the water to meet his disciples in the boat. The common thread jumped from the pages and soothed my own internal storm.

Ordinary people in difficult circumstances and an extraordinary God who intervened to make a difference. On that very lake, Jesus had calmed a physical storm and provided for a physical need. He was more than able to calm a national political storm 2000 years later.

And He still calms storms today.

What about you? Are you facing any storms in life? Do you believe Jesus can walk into your circumstaces and make a difference?

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He Still Calms Storms
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