Our local newspaper has started a series about what readers would want to do in the area before the world ends next Friday, assuming of course (hypothetically) that the Mayans were right and the calendar ends 12/21/12. Some of the ideas included climbing an observation tower near the foothills to get a panoramic view or trying out a new restaurant.

But I think the question requires an answer deeper than promoting tourism.

What about pursuing unfulfilled dreams? Mending relationships? Helping a neighbor or giving to those in need? Spending quality time with friends and family instead of playing video games or surfing the Internet? It reminds me of those given a terminal diagnosis who proceed to make a “bucket list” and make the most of every day they have left.

And yet, for those who believe what the Bible says, we know there is a back-of-the-book. A time when the line is clearly drawn in the sand and the world decides who they will serve. A war between Israel and an alliance of nations. A day when Christ will come again to judge the living and the dead. The Bible is full of prophetic signs of the times that let us know the end is getting closer than we might imagine.

So, if the end is near (and we know that it will come at some point), what should we be doing with the days that are left? How much time, energy, and money will we invest in people other than ourselves? What priorities need adjusting? What unfinished projects deserve completion? What fences should be mended? What enemies need forgiving? And are our hearts daily seeking after God?

We’ll know in a week if the Mayan calendar was right. Will we be ready?

What about you? If the world was to end next Friday, what would be on your list of things to do? Since every day we are closer to the (real) end, what should we be doing? Are you ready?

The End Is Near
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