It all started with a breakfast stop at Panera Bread.

My plan was to grab a bite to eat while having my quiet time, then use the free wifi connection to do some research for a missions blog series. I claimed a table and picked up my hot breakfast sandwich at the counter. As I settled in to read my Bible, I couldn’t help overhearing the animated conversation taking place in a nearby booth.

At first I struggled to focus and even considered moving to a different table. But then the advice being given started to sink in and I realized it was an answer to prayer. As part of my ongoing desire to grow in faith and get a bigger view of God, I had recently signed up through our church for a personalized discipleship program. One of the first recommended action steps was to read a particular book about developing spiritual friendships. In the introduction alone I had felt both a longing and a conviction that I needed to grow in this area.

So, here I was at Panera Bread, overhearing a mentoring and accountability conversation between two people on a spiritual journey. And the advice being shared echoed the theme I needed to hear as if God knew I needed the reminder and confirmation … and put me at a certain table at an appointed time to get the message He wanted me to hear.

Every day there are opportunities to learn and to serve if we only open our eyes.

What about you? Have you ever been in the right place at the right time? What happened as a result?

Divine Appointments
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