What are you afraid of? Heights? Spiders? Riding on a motorcycle? Germs? Looking foolish? Rejection?

As humans living in a fallen world, we’re all afraid of something. Sometimes it’s a healthy fear that protects us from danger, like not standing with my toes hanging over the edge of a cliff. But even healthy fears can keep us from experiencing life to the fullest. What if a fear of heights kept me from seeing the awe-inspiring view from the edge of the Grand Canyon?

Other fears don’t have a solid foundation in reality because “F.E.A.R. is often False Evidence Appearing Real.” That monster in the closet? Usually a bulky coat hung in a different spot. That burglar creeping around outside your window? Shadows of a branch being blown in the wind or a raccoon foraging in the trash can. Those epidemic-causing germs on the shopping cart handle? Nothing more than I’ve already been exposed to … and nothing washing my hands before eating or touching my face won’t handle.

What about those fears of rejection? Of being wrongly accused and losing my job? That the people whispering in the corner are talking about me? That not getting a call back means my loved one is injured … or upset with me? These fears are rooted in the assumption that I’m all alone, but are dispelled by a glimpse of the truth.

The truth? I am not alone! As Chris Tomlin put so beautifully in his song “Whom Shall I Fear?,” the God of Angel Armies is always by my side. When I remember that the all-powerful Creator of Heaven and Earth with countless heavenly warriors at His command still loves me and desires good things for me, my fear fades away. I’ve read the back of the book … and God wins decisively.

Why should I be afraid to stand for truth in a morally dim culture? Why should I fear sending a manuscript to an editor or agent for consideration? Why should I keep from stepping out in faith to reach the lost and care for the hurting?

No more fear. I’m not alone in this battle.

What about you? What are you afraid of? Has fear kept you from experiencing life? Is the God of Angel Armies on your side? How do you know?

Shall I Fear?
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