There are days I wish I had a GPS. Especially last November when heading to the Los Angeles area for my grandmother’s funeral. Between the busy airport, car rental lot, hotel, cemetery, church, and the post-service family gathering, there was a lot of driving to be done on a crazy-crowded freeway maze.

So I did my navigating ahead of time via Google maps and a printer. By entering the addresses, I could print out step-by-step directions to get from one place to another and back,. But I also needed to zoom out and get a bigger picture to see where the various places were in relation to each other.

Just like a GPS gives an overview of the journey … and detailed directions for the next step, there are times I wish I could get the same information for my life. Will I ever get a fiction book contract? From what publisher? Will I have an agent to shop my books around or will I only get one in time to check over a contract? Should I continue to enter contests or send out queries or both? And what story should I write next?

Then I heard someone refer to a GPS as “God’s perspective shown” and I no longer worry about how to get where I’m going.

If anyone knows the big picture of where I am now, where I’m headed, and the best route to get there … God knows it all. He has the best of intentions for my life (and for yours). He sends His Holy Spirit to lead, guide, and encourage me every step of the way. His Word is a lamp to light my path and He gives glimpses of the journey as answers to prayer.

Here’s another cool thing to think about. God already knows the end of the story because He exists outside time. As the words of a song by Casting Crowns state so eloquently, “To you my future is a memory … ‘Cuz you’re already there.” God sees the grand design of the plans He has for me. (It’s really worth taking the time to listen to these powerful words!)

I can’t wait to see how all the pieces fit together. In the meantime, I’m relying on the GPS that’s never wrong.

What about you? Do you have a GPS? How accurate is it? Do you have one for your life? Have you glimpsed how the pieces fit together?

GPS – God’s Perspective Shown
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