“I’m a writer. Everything you say or do may end up in my novel.” ~ T-shirt logo seen at a writer’s conference

I am a writer. In addition to churning out regular content for my blog, I blog for the missions department at our church and continue to brainstorm plot and dialogue ideas for my novel-in-progress. A setting, a character, or a piece of dialogue are all it takes to get my mind spinning along the “what if” journey. I have a small notebook with me at all times and often stop to write down an exchange of dialogue or an idea for a plot twist. I even have several files at home where I collect random ideas for future stories and possible sequels to the manuscripts I’ve already written.

Inspiration is everywhere.

A huge tree in a park reminded me about a portion of Scripture about being like a tree … and inspired a year-long series of blog posts and another book. A bumper sticker spotted in a McDonald’s drive-thru encouraged my faith. A movie that I watched with my son pointed out weaknesses in my own character. The sign outside a local church has provided many a tweet and even a blog or two. A conversation overheard at Panera Bread confirmed something God had been talking to me about.

And that’s just inspiration for life and my blog.

My current novel-in-progress has already found ideas from local and national newspaper articles, television commentators, close observations during a research trip (six pages of scribbled notes while I was supposed to be watching the action on the football field!), and overheard conversations in the stands. As the word count piles up, so will the ideas.

Why? Because I’ve opened my eyes and ears to find inspiration everywhere. After all, I’m a writer and the world is full of stories to tell.

What about you? Do you have a creative hobby or interest? Where do you find new ideas? What inspires you? What is the funniest thing you’ve overheard in a public place?

Inspiration Everywhere
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