With Valentines Day behind us, I got to thinking about how many people got more special attention yesterday than they have in weeks or months.

Somehow in the daily grind and endless to-do lists, we can forget to honor and surprise the ones we love … until a holiday comes around. With red hearts everywhere or a circled anniversary or birthday on our calendar, we somehow find ourselves planning a special outing or buying a thoughtful gift.

But if we only g0 the extra mile on the holidays, doesn’t that somehow send the message that the recipient isn’t a priority the other 363 days a year? Could they wonder if we extended ourselves because it was socially expected and not out of any heartfelt emotion?

It reminds me of those who practice their faith at Christmas or Easter. Surrounded by family and prompted by years of tradition, they buy (or dust off) special clothes, fill a pew, and then go out to lunch.  I know God is thrilled they came to church, but I wonder if He remembers all the other days they neglected to even think about Him? Taking that thought a step further, does He feel the same about the Sunday-morning-only Christian?

So, while you’re basking in the romantic glow of Valentines Day, consider what you can do year-round to express your love and devotion to those who matter most, including God.

What about you? Was Valentines Day a good or bad day for you? Do you remember to express love year-round or need holidays to shake you out of your routine? How is the faith-relationship like other relationships?

Only On Holidays?
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