“When the going gets tough, …” This familiar Chinese proverb ends with “the tough get going” as a way to encourage perseverance.

But when the going gets tough, sometimes it also gets lonely. Why? Because few friends stick around during the hard times.

This week’s character quality is loyalty. The dictionary describes loyalty as a feeling of devotion, duty, or attachment to something or somebody (like a person, country, organisation, or ideal). That’s all very nice, but feelings alone don’t go far enough.

True loyalty is using difficult times to demonstrate my commitment to those I serve. It’s putting my feelings of devotion, duty, or attachment into practice. When the going gets tough, loyalty stays close by.

Loyalty types the new resume to help with a job search. It fills the bucket with ice water to soak an injured ankle … then wraps that swollen foot with an ace bandage. It picks up the keys and drives a hour to spend time with a family member.

Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. ” (John 15:13 NIV) And then He put His love into action by walking to the cross in my place.

That’s the true picture of loyalty.

What about you? Do you think loyalty is important? Have you experienced loyal friends or have you been left alone during difficult times? How does one become loyal?

Character Matters – Loyalty
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