Open-book-at-a-beach-001Not too long ago, an airline company ran a series of television commercials featuring individuals caught in embarrassing situations. The voice-over asked, “Want to get away?”

There are certainly times in my crazy, chaos-filled life that I’d love to get away from it all. To escape the pressure for a few days. To view my situation from a different perspective. To recharge my emotional, physical, and spiritual batteries so I can return refreshed. To visit a place with different scenery or seasons than what I normally experience. To meet interesting people or try a new experience.

That’s what makes jumping on an airplane for a quick vacation so appealing. (If only the hotel bed was as comfortable as mine at home and I didn’t return with a mountain of laundry.) The desire to escape reality drives others to drugs or alcohol. For me, I can find escape in a good book.

A different setting. Unique characters with occupations unlike mine. Struggles and conflicts that I’m not personally facing (hopefully). Lessons to be learned at someone else’s expense. A different perspective about life. Perhaps a bit of humor. Definitely an “Aaah!” moment when everything turns out all right.

For me, a good book (and time to read it) is like a mini-vacation. That’s one reason I write fiction.

What about you? Do you like to read? What types of stories attract you the most and why? When it comes to getting away from life’s chaos, what do you do?

Want To Get Away?
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