growingup01Have you grown in the last year? (And I’m not talking about waistbands!) Are you still struggling with the same issues or have you conquered a few mountains? Are you different than you used to be? More patient or loving or giving than before? Or not?

One of my personal goals every year is to grow. To grow deeper in faith, closer in relationships, stronger in character, and higher in skill. But growth doesn’t happen without a few growing pains or challenges. If I have changed as a person, it was because something pushed me out of my comfort zone and I had to respond. Character is revealed under pressure. And, as someone wise said, our response to challenges causes us to grow better … or to grow bitter.

A similar thing happens to characters in a book. If the author has done their job by giving them goals to pursue, reasons to do so, and obstacles in the way, then by the time the story reaches the end, the character will have changed. Just like I would if I’d gone through the same experiences.

As a writer, it’s my job to show how my characters have changed. As a reader, I’m always looking to learn a lesson about life without actually having to experience the pain.

What about you? Are you different than you used to be? Have you become better or bitter? What caused you to change?

Always Growing
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