mother_taking_temperatureA light, tender, sensitive touch is worth a ton of brawn. ~ Peter Thompson

Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while, so that we can see life with a clearer view again. ~ Alex Tan.

Between the recent Mother’s Day focus and two alternating-being-sick sons, my mothering gene has been in overdrive. Thermometers. Humidifiers. Fluids and boxes of tissue. Antibiotics. Doctor visits. Being able to tell with a single glance at their glassy eyes whether or not the fever medication was wearing off.

This week’s character trait takes the mother-radar one step further.

Sensitivity is using my senses to perceive the true attitudes and emotions of others. It’s being aware of and responsive to the feelings of others. To be readily affected by external changes, challenges, or demands.

Sensitivity is being able to tell when someone is having a bad day and not take their negative words or actions personally. It’s seeing through their busy-ness or the polite facade of “I’m fine” to see their hidden pain. And once becoming aware, sensitivity responds by doing something to cheer them up, offering a listening ear, or giving them space to heal.

What about you? Is sensitivity easier for women? Why or why not? What signs give away the true attitudes or emotions of others?

Character Matters – Sensitivity
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