20130706-201811.jpg“A child saw her first.”

I wandered the aisles at the local library pulling random books off the shelves and reading the opening lines and found this gem that sparked my creativity. A child saw her first.

Who was she? Was she hiding and if so, was it out of fear or in a playful game of hide-and-seek? Or had she just entered a room wearing an embarrassing … or gorgeous … outfit? Then, if a child saw her first, who saw her second? What was their reaction?

My writing brain began to spin a story about a tomboyish young woman entering a parlor at the insistence of her matchmaking mama in order to meet their new neighbors. A young boy with impish dimples sees her first … and shoves a squirming frog deeper into his pocket. She fights her curiosity to ask where he found such a beauty (because she can imagine her mother’s reaction if the creature happened to get loose in the house and doesn’t want to get him in trouble) and turns her attention to the others in the room. As her mother makes the very proper introductions, all she can see are a matching set of dimples on the face of a grown-up version of the boy. That scenario seems to lend itself to a historical romance but it could happen in rural or small-town America just as easily.

However, since the opening line actually came from The Innocent Spy by Laura Wilson (published in 2008), I suspect the opening line implies the discovery of a murdered woman and the spinning of a very different story.

What about you? What images came to mind with this opening? Which story would you rather read?

Story Starters – 2
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