Pigskin Parables - Exploring Faith and Football CoverEver looked back on how far you’ve come?

I’ve always been an avid reader and my imagination took me to faraway places to meet fascinating people. After closing the pages, the characters stayed with me and as a child I invented new things for them to do and say. Somewhere along the way, my writing dream took root in the form of “someday I’d like to write a book of my own.”

Even though life has a way of stalling the pursuit of dreams, small shoots continued to grow. There were the busy school years full of academic papers and activities … and angst-ridden poetry in a journal. Followed by the crazy days as a young mother with two toddlers underfoot juggling personal health issues and a special needs child … while scribbling down story ideas and filing them away for a future date when the kids were old enough for school.

In the fall of 2004, with a new surprise toddler underfoot and the dream still on hold, God used a timely sermon to deliver a message. The time to pursue the dream and climb the mountain was now. (Since I was singing in the choir during three services that morning, God had multiple times to pound His point into my thick skull!) I hurried out to my car, pulled out the bulletin, and prayed for God to show me what I was supposed to write first.

Within fifteen minutes I had written down the title and outline of a non-fiction project complete with creative alliteration. The only problem was that this idea was as far from what I wanted to write as it could be. I tried procrastination and then tried starting a fiction project, but by mid-2005 I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had asked God for an idea and I needed to be obedient. Week by week and chapter by chapter, God brought fresh insight when I needed it most and by December, I had my first complete manuscript.

Now what? Stumbling around in the dark, I submitted the book to a service that send summaries to multiple publishers at once. I got a call … from an online newsletter asking me to write an article. That article led to the recommendation of a writer’s conference, another divine appointment over dinner for a paying article assignment, enrollment in a writing course, getting a mentor, and so on.

My first book, Pigskin Parables: Reflections of a Football Widow, was published in 2007. Five years later, I acquired the rights, rewrote sections, reformatted it as the eleven-week devotional it should have been all along, and self-published it as Pigskin Parables: Exploring Faith and Football.

The journey continues as I learn more and more about the craft of writing, the publishing industry, platform-building, and marketing. I’m still pursuing the dream … and someday soon hope to incorporate the first of my scribbled ideas into a novel.

To celebrate the anniversary of my kick-in-the-pants nine years ago and the re-release of my first book last year (and because it’s fall and football season!), Pigskin Parables: Exploring Faith and Football is on sale through the month of September.

While you can find the print version for $9.99 and ebook version for $2.99 using the links in the sidebar, the sale price requires a special coupon code. The print version is 50% off using coupon code 5VR769CG at www.createspace.com/3971784 and the ebook is now $.99 using coupon code MZ87P at www.smashwords.com/books/view/218471.

What about you? What journey are you on? How far have you come? What are you doing to celebrate?

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Celebrating the Journey With a Sale
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