20130914-113806.jpgThe recent flooding that swept through my town and state left damaged roads, soggy homes, overturned cars, scattered debris, layers of mud, and giant pond-sized puddles. The water that remains is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and in many places has been tainted with raw sewage. While some crews focus on stabilizing and rebuilding roadways, others are concentrating on cleaning up the mess.

It’s a mess similar to something I read recently in Charles Swindoll’s book Growing Stong In the Seasons Of Life (page 248): “Bitterness seeps into the basement of our lives like run-off from a broken sewer pipe. Every form of ugliness begins to float to the surface of those murky waters: prejudice and profanity, suspicion and hate, cruelty and cynicism. There is no torment like the inner torment of bitterness, which is the by-product of an unforgiving spirit. It refuses to be soothed, it refuses to be healed, it refuses to forget.”

Not only does this contamination exist in the unforgiving heart, it gets stirred up when life’s circumstances shake things up and rises to the surface all over again. It becomes a stinking sewage tank of disease that splashes out onto unsuspecting bystanders.

The solution? Pull the plug and drain the cesspool. Forgive. Let it go. Place the one who offended or hurt you into the capable hands of God for Him to handle and get the mess out of your heart. How many times? Every time you catch a whiff of the stench lingering in the depths. Over and over and over again.

And then decontaminate the vacated space by going one step further. Choose to bless and pray for the one that hurt you. Seek to do good. Be kind. Fill the pool with the fresh and clean water of love.

It won’t be easy and it will take time. But I don’t want to carry around a cesspool anymore.

What about you? Has the sewer-pipe of bitterness ever leaked into your heart? How did you get rid of the stench? Or is it still there?

Tools For The Journey – Drain The Cesspool
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