20131021-160117.jpgIt’s been awhile since I’ve gone to see a movie in the theater, and at those prices I want to make sure I don’t walk away disappointed. So, I search the Internet to find out what others have to say about the films showing this weekend.

When it’s time to buy a book, I tend to do the same thing and check out the reviews. If it’s an author I like or the continuation of a series I have enjoyed so far, I’m more likely to skim the reviews. But if it’s a new author or new genre for that author, I’m more particular.

How many people took the time to write something? (Two hundred reviewers pique my interest more than twelve.) Did opinions range more toward 5 stars or were there a lot of 1 star ratings? Was it a love it or hate it type of story? Did the rating come from a publishing magazine, Amazon buyer, or a Goodreads book-addict? What reasons did people give for liking or disliking a book? Was it unbelievable? Too many typos? Too preachy? Too predictable? Did they get the book for free and then were disappointed it was a prequel novella or short story instead of a full-length read?

As a reader, I read reviews. But as a writer? I want people to feel strongly enough about my words to write a review, but I don’t want their opinions to destroy my day. (That’s a topic for another day!)

What about you? How seriously do you take book reviews? Do you ever rate books or write a review? What influences your decision to follow a recommendation?

Do You Believe Reviews?
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