20131016-165138.jpgIf I could spend a day anywhere doing anything I wanted, my dream day would include a book. Whether swinging in a hammock in the shade or lounging on a deck chair beside the ocean or curled up in a comfy chair beside a fireplace while snow falls outside, I need a story to keep me company.

And where do I find enough stories to feed my cravings? 

My own bookshelves bulge with old favorites. There’s teetering stack beside my bed. I love to browse for garage sale bargains. I already have a virtual buffet on my e-reader. And, as if that’s not enough, I love my local library.

Walking though the doors of the library is like being a kid in a candy store? So many books. So little time. Everything from classics to New York Times bestsellers. Mysteries and westerns. Romance and fantasy. Historicals and contemporaries. Fiction and non-fiction biographies. Amish and police procedural. Princess fairy tales and rags to riches journeys.

My library card is the ticket to countless adventures. In fact, if I wasn’t a writer, I think I’d like to be a librarian so I could spend every day around books.

What about you? Do you have a library card? How often do you use it? What section do you gravitate toward?

So Many Books, So Little Time
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