bookaholic_humor_pinback_buttonAdmitting the problem is the first step toward eliminating it. Although, when it comes to books, I’m not sure I want to be cured. (Or that I want you to be cured, because otherwise who’d be left to buy my novels when they get published?)

But, just in case you’re not sure if you have an addiction … or to relieve your mind to know that you’re not the only reader out there who has ever done this, here are a dozen pretty obvious signs.

1. You carry a book with you everywhere you go, including into the bathroom.

2. When selecting a purse or handbag, one vital consideration is whether it’s big enough to hold a book or two (because after all, refer back to #1).

3. When you come to a stop light while driving, you are more than tempted to reach over for the ever-present book and read just a few more paragraphs.

4. You love the dusty smell of second-hand bookstores and can get lost for hours. Then, you cannot leave without buying something even though your to-be-read pile is already teeteringly tall.

5. Your own books are crumpled and/or musty because you read them while taking a bath … or the pages of old favorites contain stains from previous meals. (Hmm, that looks like Taco Bell sauce.)

6. You wake up with a book hangover after three hours of sleep because you just had to finish the end of the book.

7. You talk about fictional people as if they are real … and whatever you read affects your mood.

8. Your to-do list has a bunch of uncompleted tasks because you had to read one more chapter … and glanced up to find three hours had passed by.

9. On a semi-related note, you’re glad to be just a little-bit-sick so you can stay in bed and read a book instead of going to work or tackling that to-do list.

10. You go to visit a friend or relative and can’t help glancing through the book they’re reading just to see what it’s about … and find yourself taking it home with the promise to return it in a few days.

11. You need more bookshelves, because no matter how many times you turn them sideways and cram them into crevices, there comes a point where the existing shelves just can’t hold another book and the floor is already covered with additional piles. (Of course, you also snarl at anyone who dares to suggest you should get rid of any of your precious treasures to make room.)

12. When without a book (or while actually driving and you can’t safely sneak a peek), you experience withdrawal symptoms and must read everything else including the backs of cereal boxes, billboards, and street signs.

What about you? What other signs are there that you’re a bookaholic? Do you want to be cured? Nope, didn’t think so.

Twelve Signs I Might Be a Bookaholic
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