20131031-171019.jpgBack in January, we began a journey that started with the words “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1 NIV) From start to finish, there have been countless examples of the Intelligent Designer who left His divine fingerprints for us to see.

“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.” (Romans 1:20 NIV)

There are no excuses when we spot God’s fingerprints on:

  • Light – a broad spectrum of visible and invisible energy that offers everything from heat to illumination to radio communication to medical uses.
  • Sky – a atmospheric blanket that wraps our planet in a protective barrier of gases we need for life.
  • Water cycle – nothing is wasted in the endless cycle of evaporation and precipitation that also serves to cleanse our water.
  • Wind and weather – moving air that circulates heat around our planet … and reminds us that life is always in motion.
  • Seas – deep calls unto deep along the shoreline and tells us there exists another realm to be explored.
  • Land – seemingly solid mountains and vast plains that are only a thin, shakable crust floating over liquid rock … that show the futility of trusting a foundation that won’t last.
  • Plants – contain many of the vitamins and nutrition needed for animal life as well as transform carbon dioxide into oxygen … and are an example of God’s provision since he created them before a batch of hungry beasts.
  • Seeds – a cycle of reproduction, distribution, and sprouting that preserves the continuation of life.
  • Peanuts – a seemingly insignificant crop that revolutionized an economy and held hundreds of valuable uses.
  • Grass – fragile and changes with the seasons … yet God is unchanging.
  • Sun – our planet’s source of light and heat … and the reminder that we are not the center of the universe.
  • Moon – a hunk of orbiting rock that reflects the real light and shines into the darkness of night.
  • Stars – mere dots in the night sky that were used for navigation are now known to be balls of gas larger than our own sun.
  • Eagles – regal birds that soar on the updrafts of the wind.
  • Sparrows – common birds, yet each one is noticed.
  • Coral reefs – boundless creativity and imagination on display.
  • Deep sea creatures – long before technology allowed mankind to venture to the depths, there were amazing creatures waiting to be discovered.
  • Butterflies – a perfect example of transformation from creeping caterpillar to soaring color.
  • Bees and Ants – collections of creatures that work together with assigned tasks to store food for winter.
  • Mountain goats – sure-footed animals that scale the heights without fear.
  • Oxen – powerfully steady animals able to carry a load, especially when yoked together.
  • Sheep – an example of a faithful follower  that needs a shepherd.
  • Lions – kings of the jungle yet only a reflection of the true King.
  • Horses – an example of a powerful animal used for war … yet not as mighty as God when He intervenes.
  • Boundless variety of other animals – Unique characteristics from cheetahs to platypus.
  • Symbiosis – creation that works together for mutual benefit.
  • DNA – intricate code contained within each and every cell that dictates all cellular development, diversity, and function
  • Hormones – the endocrine system provides checks and balances for healthy function.
  • Amino acids – provide all the necessary building blocks for cells.
  • Laminin – the cellular glue that holds our cells together so we don’t fall apart.
  • Adaptability – the innate ability in creation to adapt to environmental changes.

Creation declares the fingerprints of God.

What about you? Where do you spot God’s fingerprints? In nature? In relationships? In the miraculous?

Creation Declares – God’s Fingerprints (Part One)
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