number-600-birthday-candleHow long should a journey take? There is no easy answer to that question because it depends on how far away the destination is, how fast you travel, and one cannot predict all of the unexpected delays along the way.
While driving the kids to school the other day, it dawned on me that I started this writing journey almost ten years ago. While I was an avid reader and had a few story ideas floating around in my brain and on scraps of paper for “someday,” I felt God’s not-so-subtle nudge toward starting down the road even though I had a baby crawling underfoot. I floundered for a few months trying to decide which story or book idea to write first and then dove into a non-fiction manuscript comparing faith to the game of football.
I finished the manuscript … then wondered what I was supposed to do next. I went to a writer’s conference, took a two-year-long writing course, had a dozen articles published, found a publisher for my first book, developed a website, and still didn’t have a clue. I wrote a short romance novel … then rewrote the whole thing as women’s fiction and entered it in a contest where I took second place.
Almost there, right? Not even close.
I started a blog because that’s what I was told writers must do to build a platform. Finished two more novel manuscripts. Wrote and self-published two more non-fiction books and two short devotional ebooks. Helped one critique partner through eight (yes, eight!) contracted books. Social media accounts, four more writers conferences, more contest entries, multiple editor and agent queries, requests for full manuscripts … and rejections.
Am I there yet? No. Am I closer to a fiction contract? Absolutely.
So, as I write this, my 600th blog post, I’m not giving up on this dream.
What about you? How long would you stick with your dream? Would you have given up by now?
600 Blogs And Counting
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