im-going-on-an-adventureOver Christmas break, I went to see the latest Hobbit installment in the theater with my little guy and my dad. Of course, the night before we met to watch the first movie so we were up to date on everything that had happened and were emotionally invested in what would unfold on the big screen. (So many themes and messages packed into a fantastic story!)

This time around I was struck by the image of Bilbo Baggins sitting on a bench in front of his home smoking a pipe. He was comfortably stuck in his routine and hole in the ground … until Gandalf called him to be part of an adventure. An adventure that would change him from the inside out, require courage, and would never, ever be boring! And along the way, Bilbo’s actions impact others and even affect the course of history in Middle Earth.

Like Bilbo, I have been called to be part of a great adventure but I have to leave my comfort zone behind. Following Jesus might be risky and even dangerous as I learn to offer love instead of hate and forgive instead of hanging onto bitterness. It may take courage to step out into uncharted territory but I am not traveling alone. And God only knows what impact my life will have on others.

In 2014, I’m reminded that life becomes an adventure when I live to love and serve others. (And rubbing shoulders with other people is never boring!)

Who am I serving and loving this year?

  • My God as a follower of Christ.
  • My family as a wife and mother.
  • My church as a missions blogger and giver.
  • My community as I work, shop, drive, cheer, and live around others.
  • My readers as I continue to write the stories that God places on my heart.

As Bilbo ran through The Shire to catch the rest of the group, someone asked where he was going. He replied, “I’m going on an adventure!” That, too, is my cry for this new year.

What about you? Do you see life as a great adventure? Why or why not? Are you taking any risks this year or are you content to stay home in your hole?

The Great Adventure
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