Winter in Norilsk, SiberiaAfter coming inside from the bitter cold with numb fingers from chipping ice and snow off my driveway, I turned on the television to the Olympic coverage … in time to find them doing a spotlight on the region of Siberia. Seriously? As if I wasn’t cold enough and tired of staring at white piles of snow, my screen was blanketed with images of ice while the reporter bundled up like an Eskimo.

What’s a girl to do? Get a big mug of hot chocolate and slide into my fuzzy slippers before curling up under a fleece blanket to watch others ski, slide, and skate across the screen.

Then I started thinking how sometimes life’s journey feels like Siberia. A constant battle against the elements just to survive. Never really warm. Desolate stretches of inhospitable land. Yet, thousands of people live and thrive there. And even more frolic on ice and snow around the world. (Because where else did all those skiers, snowboarders, skaters, and bobsledders come from?)

What lessons am I learning? Battling the elements makes me stronger and raises my appreciation for the simpler things like shelter, family, and a break in the weather. Conquering the elements makes the victory that much sweeter. And the ice is temporary because even in Siberia, the snow melts, the sun comes out, and people enjoy bike rides … in shorts.

So, when I face a frozen patch in my writing, my special needs child goes through a phase, or finances are tight, I remember Siberia. This too shall thaw.

What about you? What’s the weather like in your part of the country? Are you facing similar weather in life? What have you/can you learn from the cold? 

Frozen in Siberia
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