ephesians_adoptedI have a writer friend whose family has adopted a precious little girl from the Congo but is currently stuck waiting to bring her home. The adoption is final and the darling carries a new last name, but they are waiting on an exit letter from the government allowing her to board a plane and leave the country. Unfortunately, they aren’t the only ones in this situation and many are petitioning our government leaders to intervene and do what they can to help speed the process along.

While I was praying for my friend’s family to be reunited, I was reminded of a strong parallel. Paul wrote to the churches in Rome and in Ephesus that those who follow Christ have been adopted into God’s family. We can now call God “Father” and we are co-heirs with Jesus … on equal footing as children to receive an inheritance. We have a new name and a new identity … but we are not home yet. We’re stuck waiting in a foreign country until the right time arrives … and sometimes we forget who we are and who we belong with. Do we get comfortable and enmeshed where we are living or do we eagerly anticipate the day we will leave this world behind and head for our new home?

On the other hand, God (like my friend) longs for the day when His children will come home. Like my friend who has set up a room in her house for her daughter, Jesus said He was preparing a place for us. My friend has gone to visit her daughter, taken her gifts, and has left her with a caretaker for the long times they have been apart. When Jesus left, God sent a comforter–The Holy Spirit–to be with us, teach us, speak to us, and remind us of the truth that we are not destined for this life but for another in a different place. Not so unlike calls, letters, emails, and Skype, God continues to speak to us through His Word and the Spirit. (But, while my friend was adopting one child, God is adopting thousands and thousands and still waiting for many of those to be finalized!)

And just like one day my friend will finally get the call to jump on a plane and go get her daughter, one day God will turn to Jesus and say, “It’s time. Go bring them home.”

What about you? What family are you a part of? Are you home yet? Are you anticipating your new home or comfortable where you are?

Adopted But Not Home Yet
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