Picture-of-Music-NotesHave you ever heard a song that seemed to capture the essence of your journey? A theme song of sorts?

When I was back in college and trying to figure out which direction to take, there was a song by 4 Him titled “Where There is Faith” that resonated with my spirit. As long as I had faith, there was a voice calling and reminding me that I wasn’t alone.

Fast forward to life as a young, overwhelmed mother with a special needs toddler and her very active younger brother. There were days when I was surrounded by a gray fog of weariness and confusion. One day, I heard a song called “Blue Skies” by Point Of Grace that reminded me that above the clouds I saw was a vast expanse of blue skies. I remembered that God was in control and if I trusted Him, I too could soar through the blue skies rather than let circumstances cloud my path.

About ten years later, the songs that gave me courage for another day spoke again of faith even when the waters rose. Of being held in God’s hand. Of standing before God in full surrender.

Today, I always have the radio tuned to a Christian station and let the words of the songs continue as a soundtrack for my journey. I thank God for His amazing grace. Declare that I want my life to be proof of His love as I follow Him. When I am weary, I come to the river to get filled up. Then, I am inspired to live as an overcomer.

Just like a road trip needs music to drive by, the journey of life also has a soundtrack.

What about you? What song lyrics resonate with this stage of your journey? Have the songs changed through the years? Has there been a recurring theme?

A Soundtrack For the Journey