baby girl shoesAs our nation celebrates Memorial Day to honor those who died in service to our country, I am reminded of other memorials and why they were set up.

For example, deep in the pages of the Bible are numerous stories of those who saw God’s hand at work and the memorials established to help mankind remember. The rainbow was set in the sky as a reminder of God’s promise to never again destroy the Earth with water. The Passover feast is held annually to remember Israel’s amazing deliverance from slavery in Egypt while Purim celebrates the defeat of Haman’s plan thanks to Queen Esther. A portion of manna was kept in the Ark of the Covenant as a memorial to God’s provision in the wilderness. Jacob set up a pillar where he saw the ladder to heaven in a dream and the Children of Israel set up a pillar of twelve stones from the middle of the Jordan River when they crossed over.

But what about my life? Are there pivotal moments where God intervened? How do I remember them? Perhaps there are my daughter’s tiny shoes from the days before she could walk … as a symbol of the ongoing miracle of her development? Or my journals where I have recorded angst-filled prayers … and seen multiple answers over the years? Scars that mark times in the hospital … like the IV mark on my hand when I was in the ICU after almost bleeding to death after the birth of my second child? The keys to the home we currently live in as a reminder of how God did the impossible to get the financing approved so we could move in on time?

While these memorials are evident looking back, why haven’t I been as deliberate to establish them in the moment?

What about you? When has God intervened in your life? What memorial could you erect or celebrate to remember God’s faithfulness?


Erect A Memorial
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