rain-on-green-leavesApril showers bring May flowers. Or so I heard back in Elementary school. And summer brings afternoon thunderstorms (at least here in Colorado.)

What’s that got to do with growing a garden? Well, in addition to having nutrient-rich soil in a sunny spot, you need water. And not just water on the surface, but deep down where the roots will eventually spread out. Whether it comes as a sprinkling or a downpour, consistent rain is necessary to prevent longterm drought.

When the rains come, do we welcome them or complain aboutĀ them ruining our picnic plans? Do we huddle under umbrellas or splash in the puddles? Do we find the sound of rain on the rooftop soothing or irritating? Can we even enjoy the fresh scent in the air?

Life also brings times of rain. And it is just as necessary to our personal growth. But, when it comes, do we let the refreshing moisture soak into our souls? Or does it run off the hardened clay of our hearts? Do I resent the cloudy days or learn to be thankful in the middle of storms?

After all, life isn’t about waiting for the storms to pass, but learning to dance in the rain.” ~ Unknown

(While this originally posted in 2010, you can find more Devotions From the Garden on the Books page.)

What about you? Is there rain in your life? How are you responding?


Here Comes The Rain
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